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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Foreign Exchange @ Thomas Cook(IISc campus) !!

Foreign Exchange   

In India, INR is the only legal currency allowed in financial transactions. So, visitors are advised to carry sufficient funds in INR for basic expenses and to only transact with merchants in INR. However, many merchants in Bangalore do accept major credit cards --- Visa, MasterCard, and Ames.  INR can be obtained at various foreign exchange vendors both at Bangalore International Airport (upon arrival) and within Bangalore city limits. 

Thomas Cook, one such foreign exchange vendor, operates an office in the IISc campus very close to the conference venue.  It is advised that any participant converting foreign currency into INR should retain the transaction advice for these conversions. Similarly, it is advised to retain transaction slips for withdrawal of cash in INR from ATMs. These transaction advices and slips are be required to convert any left-over INR into foreign currencies before departing from India.

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